Monday, November 15, 2010

What Do You Think of Kudos Network ?

I won't deny that I'm a huge fan of Kudos, and the services they offer. Their lighting fast support ticket replies and their great range of offers for anyone in the world is what impresses me the most about them.

Some of you may already be on your way of getting a Free PS3 or Free Xbox 360 through Kudos. Please leave a comment below about your experience with them and share it with the world !

It seems that Exceem member Djoscar has received a Free iPod Shuffle recently -

Exceem member ainsleee has recently got Call of Duty: Black Ops and DVDs Pineapple Express and Hole In One for free !

Both Andyb123 & ndev2k have received £51 Paypal money -

 Andyb123 -
ndev2k -
Name:  paypal payment.bmp
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Size:  960.3 KB

messi10010 got £306 Paypal money - Click here to view

And FurbtasticM got a £221 Bank Transfer - Click here to view

With the holiday season near, Kudos will be giving away gifts left and right soon ! Brace yourselves freebie hunters !


  1. I've been a member of Kudos for a little while now. Their support is lightning fast, the offers are wide spreading and the site looks fantastic! I've now got a few gifts from them!

  2. Kudos is the best freebie network available!
    Their support and is fast as hell and the new design looks outstanding.