Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anyone Fancy a Free Xbox 360 Kinect ?

Microsoft's headline making motion sensor, Kinect, makes you the controller ! Without any complicated buttons, or control gimmicks, now your entire family can jump into your favourite Xbox 360 games !

Whether its family games, fitness games or dance games, Kinect is a must have accessory. 

However, with all great things, come a few negatives. Kinect is very expensive. 

For an existing Xbox owner, it costs £129.99, and for someone without an Xbox, it costs a whooping £299.99 !

Kudos Network can answer your problems, and get you Kinect for absolutely free ! Although Kinect isn't on the list of gifts yet, simply custom order it using Kudos Network's custom order system ! 

Simply find a link to Xbox 360 Kinect online, such as this, and send it to Kudos using the options in the "Tools" section of the Kudos site.

For questions regarding placing a custom order, contact me via the "Contact Us" form.

Update : Kudos Network have now added Xbox Kinect to the gifts list ! Custom ordering is no longer necessary !

For more information on how receiving free gifts work, check this page.


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