Friday, November 26, 2010

Already Got A PS3/Xbox 360 ? How Does Free Games Sound ?

PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles aren't the only gifts Kudos Network give away. A wide range of other gifts such as iPods, iPads, Mobile phones, Macbooks, Cameras and other gadgets are available as mentioned in this blog post.

But you might chose to use Kudos Network to improve your console gaming experience. Why not get the new Xbox Kinect or PS3 Move for free ?


If motion gaming is not your thing, you might want to get some free video games. With Christmas season and coming up, you are bound to find some gaming deals, but Kudos Network will always have a better deal - games for absolutely free ! 

Halo Reach ? Call of Duty Black Ops ? Gran Turismo 5 ? Assassin's Creed Brotherhood ?

Get them for free for your PS3 or Xbox 360 using the custom order option. 

Simply find a listing of a website selling any PS3 or Xbox 360 game you want, such as on amazon. After logging into Kudos Network, click the "Tools" tab and click the tab that says "Click here to get a quote for multiple items" and add the link to your item and its price and send it in for approval. 

Get your PS3 and Xbox 360 gaming fix with Kudos Network !

For more information on how receiving free gifts work, check this page.


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